Whispers From The Heart


Norma Cornett Marek

It gives me much pleasure to announce and to make available for purchase
Norma Marek's book of poetry - Whispers From The Heart

Norma Lee Cornett was born10th March 1940 in Line Fork, Kentucky to parents Frank and Ethel Louise Boggs Cornett.  
Norma grew up in the beautiful mountains of Kentucky; although poor by many standards
family life was abundant with love and faith.  During the war years Norma was cared for by her beloved Granny
whilst her Father was serving in the forces and her Mom worked in the munition factory.

 Poetry was a passion from an early age; before Norma could read or write, poetry would run through her mind
like water in a stream.  Norma also loved to paint, especially scenery and making quilts for her family and friends.

After a massive stroke in 2001, Norma began to use the computer as part of her therapy. Norma was always so thankful
for the many wonderful people she met on the internet, feeling so blessed with many lifelong friendships being made.

 Up until Norma’s passing, she lived on several acres of wooded land in Crawford, Tennessee with her husband Joe, of almost 30 years.
Norma and Joe enjoyed the wildlife, the peacefulness and solitude of these woods that were kept in their natural state.

 Norma Marek lost her battle with cancer at 9.05pm 17th July 2004 and
was laid to rest at 10 am, 21st July 2004 at Phillips Cemetery in Hanging Limb. 

Norma is survived by her husband Joe, son and daughter-in-law Don and Angie Everhart, daughters Pam  and Tamara,
six grandsons, Donald, Nathan, Daniel, Josh, Jessie and Ryan; and three granddaughters, Lisa, Aireal and Ashley.          

 An angel on earth ~ now an angel in heaven

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156 pages
ISBN: 1 920783 31 8

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I sincerely thank Marilyn Sink who helped me to get Norma's book of poetry published, also
a very special thank you to Penny Parker who granted permission for use of her art for Norma's book.
Without these 2 wonderful ladies this book of inspirations would not have eventuated with the
wonderful end result of 'Whispers From The Heart'.

From my heart and soul thank you Marilyn and Penny.