God looked down from Heaven's door,
A wee angel by His side;
He had to find a special place,
He searched worldwide.

This little angel, named Joshua,
Must have a special home;
So God searched all Pacific shores,
To Perth clear up to Nome.

God settled on Australia,
With Elly Rose and Troy;
He knew that they would love this child,
This extra special little boy.

He has a smile, that melt's your heart,
His eyes are sapphire blue.
He idolizes his ol' Pop,
And yes his 'Nana' too.

Why, even little Anzac,
Loves it when they play;
To watch these two, when you are blue,
Will blow your ills away.

So every night, I kneel in prayer,
And thank the Lord above,
For sending us this special gift,
This angel who we love!

Written by Joe Pielmeier Sr.
June 1, 2002

Especially for Judy, as a dedication
of her love and devotion to
her Grandson, Joshua Troy,
Born July 3, 2001.

Thank you Joe for your kindness
and generosity in writing this
beautiful poem for little Joshua.

May you be blessed Joe, many times over
for the love and inspiration you
give to others.

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It is with much sadness in my heart
that I tell you that Joe Pielmeier Sr.
passed away December 5th 2002.

Joe's inspirational poetry has touched the
heart and soul of many; Joe's memory will be with
us for all time through his words of inspiration
he shared with all admirers of his wonderful poetry.

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Photograph used is of my Grandson Joshua, aged 7 months.

When God blessed us with the birth of Joshua
our lives took us on a whole new meaning,
a new and wonderful path was put before us;
for Troy and Elly Rose were to be parents
for the first time, Graeme and I
Grandparents also for the first time.

My words just cannot adequately express the love
and happiness that our precious little Joshua
has brought to my family and myself,
~ God surely sent us sunshine and smiles
in the form of Joshua Troy. ~

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