Oh how fast time slips away,
seems like you were holding me just yesterday.
As I remember the times gone by,
to me it's amazing how fast time can fly.

All the love you gave me as I grew,
could only have come from belonging to you.
From your tender lips came soft lullaby's,
to keep the baby tears from my eyes.

The times you kissed all the hurts away,
and always had soothing words to say.
Times you helped mend my broken heart,
when someone had thoughtlessly torn it apart.

Now though grown, your sweet face I remember,
to me you are still young as May, not December.
I just want to tell you how much I care,
how glad I am that you were always there.

So very much you still mean to me,
a picture in my heart I wish you could see.
The word "Mom" warms my heart today,
oh how fast time slips away.

I love you Mom.....

Norma Marek ~ 8th January 2004

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