~ Christmas and New Year message from Judy ~

I would like to take this opportunity to give a very special
thank you to all the talented and gifted poets and artists
who kindly allow me to display their God given
gifts of inspiration on Judy's Realm of Sunshine and Smiles.

To all those who have visited my humble web home during
2003 and those very special friends who have given me so much
support and encouragement, from my heart I say thank you.

May I ask that we all spare a thought and prayer for those less
fortunate than ourselves, the homeless and the hungry, the abused,
the unloved, those in hospitals and institutions, young children,
the elderly, those in prison and to our precious animal kingdom.

I pray that God will guide the decisions of all world leaders,
helping to bring peace to our world, so that we may truly live
as brother and sister.

From my home to yours I want to extend my love and
best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas, with blessings
of love, peace, health and happiness all through 2004.

Enjoy all the special moments spent with your family and friends
during this festive season, and please, if you drink alcohol,
please don't drive!!!

At this very special time of the year I would like to share
with you the following poem written by Valentyne Lang.
It is my way of saying thank you to each and every
one of you for the love and friendship shown
to me during this past 12 months.

God bless you and those you love ~ Judy

~~ Be A Friend ~~

Follow your dreams and chase the stars,
Dance with the moon and be who you are,
Uncover the veil that prevents you to see,
Open your heart to all you can be.

Some days will be happy while others are sad,
Hold on to your faith take the good with the bad,
Count in your life all the blessings you should,
Make sure that your love is well understood.

Be a friend to a stranger who holds out their hand,
Show compassion and kindness so they'll understand,
That your willing and able to offer them hope,
Do all that you're able to assist a friend cope.

When you lift up the spirit of a person in need,
And show that you love them by doing kind deeds,
They will never forget how you offered them light,
And gave ear and attention as they spoke of their plight.

There will not be a day that passes you by,
To help make a difference without asking why,
Each act of love and compassion we share,
Will spread through the world showing others we care.


Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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Valentyne Lang
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Art by  Alan Giana  is used with written permission.