~~ Nights to Remember ~~

As the sun begins it's slow descent
Dropping down below a distant hill.
While crickets begin their nightly song,
My thoughts return to you against my will.

I do not like to dwell upon the past,
Remembering a love of so long ago.
Words with passion, kisses so tender.
Gone now forever, this I do know.

Our meeting was one of just chance,
So casual, not knowing what was to be.
We spoke of a love so strong and true
And you became the entire world to me.

Things slowly changed, passion was gone
And with time we began to drift far apart.
But the love I felt has never gone away.
Forever it seems, you'll remain in my heart.

When days are busy it's easy to forget.
It is the lonely nights when you return
Bringing with you pain and sadness,
For those fires of love continue to burn.

I long for nights filled with peace,
No reminders of the love we had,
When once again my heart is free
Of this love that now makes me sad.

  Kay Brewer ~ 2003

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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Art by Dan Gerhartz used courtesy of
Christ Centered Art