~ A Friend, Tried and True ~

You are my friend, tried and true.
My life is better because I found you.
You have become a ray of sunshine
And bring joy to this life of mine.

I've learned to trust you with all I say.
So, my secrets I can tell you every day.
When I have felt a need to cry
You comfort me and don't ask why.

And when it's happiness that appears,
Across the miles I can sense your cheers.
You only want what's best for me, it's true,
And that is exactly what I also want for you.

But, most of all I know you're always there.
And from your words I feel you truly care.
You are a precious treasure, a friend so dear,
And I shall always want to keep you near.

Kay Brewer ~ 2002


~ What Would I Do ~

What would I ever do, what would become of me
If I should ever lose you, what would my life then be.
Would I go out to find someone to take your place
Another one so very kind, if that could be the case.

Would I then regret the words I failed to say
Or wish I could forget something I said one day.
Would I wish that I could once more hold you tight,
One more chance to lie within arms that felt so right.

If you were no longer here, knowing I'd never again see you,
Would I cry many a tear, as my heart broke in two.
I never want to know what I would feel or do
Please, always stay, never go, for I will forever love you.

You are so much a part of all I think and do
Your spirit fills my heart, in my life I want only you.
So, take care my dear, take no chances at all
I can not live with the fear that God your name would call.

So, what would I ever do if you should leave me?
You know how much I love you, for you are my life you see.

Kay Brewer ~ 5 August 2003

~ Wish Upon A Star ~

When I wish upon a star
I wish you didn't live so far.
Those friendly hugs from space
May put a smile upon my face.
But, I'd rather have you standing here
Where I could feel that hug, my dear.
For I could use your warm embrace
And see the smile upon your face.
So, when I wish upon a star,
I only wish you didn't live so far.

Kay Brewer ~ 2002

~~ Friendship So Special ~~

We have a friendship that's really quite new,
And, yet, I find it has become very special too.
Bonding that has so quickly occurred with you
Tells me this is that rare friendship so true.

We have found a way for our thoughts to share,
And a feeling that for each other we truly care.
At times, when life seems more than we can bear
We feel each others presence is always there.

Our differences are many, taken day by day.
For our ages we find it's December and May.
Years separate us, but, our hearts found a way,
For our souls have connected, that I must say.

This love we share really means a lot to me.
So, I know that friends we will always be.
It is a blessing from above you surely see.
I know in my heart that with this you agree.

I treasure the sweet thoughts you daily send.
Whenever you need me my hand I will extend,
And your troubles I will help you to mend,
For this is a friendship I know will never end.

Yes, we will be friends, I know, forever more.
Together, as friends, our souls will truly soar.
A friendship like ours, not known before,
Occurs because, to our hearts, we opened the door.

With a friendship like ours, you must hear,
Because of this computer, we are always near.
For our friendship is special, that is so clear.
You have a place in my heart forever my dear.

Kate Brewer ~ 17 July 2002


~ Thank You Lord ~

I want to thank our dear Lord above
For sending this dear, dear friend to me.
Someone I care for and will always love,
For she makes life sweeter you see.

She might not know it, she's far away.
Across the ocean in another land.
But, it's her friendship I treasure each day.
A friendship we never had planned.

Friendships happen with just a few.
An instant bonding just falls in place.
I'm very happy it happened with you
As we sent these e-mails through space.

And so I offer up a prayer each night
To say, thank you for this blessing Lord.
A friend who fills my, my life with sunlight,
A friend with whom I'm not bored.

Kate Brewer


~~ My Dreams ~~

I touch your hand, I kiss your lips,
But, this is only in my dreams.
I feel your touch, I feel your kiss.
That, to me, is the way it seems.

You whisper sweet words of love
Which I hold closely in my heart.
You may be so very far away,
But, in my dreams never far apart.

I hear your laugh, see your smile.
I see my love reflected in your eyes.
A wondrous thing, these dreams of mine.
For it is here that my happiness lies.

I have to wonder, and hope, my dear
If you are sharing these dreams with me,
For to learn that I am all alone
Would surely break my heart you see.

Kate Brewer ~ 2003

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