~ God's Own Words ~

An Angel once stood at the foot of my bed.
I was not sleeping, but wide awake instead.
I was a troubled young adult, seeking answers to questions I had.

For, life was not easy, and I was feeling so sad.
Please God, I whispered in prayer, tell me what I need to know
To walk the path you choose, and that will let my spirit grow.
In a voice I heard so clear, out loud or within my head,
I'll never really know for sure, for only six words were said.
God is love, God is hope, was the message I received.

My angel then disappeared, but, those words I believed.

God's words have served me well as I travelled the path of life.
In my soul I carried hope to handle those days of strife.
And there was always room for one more person in my heart,
Always finding something to love, something that set each one apart.

Yes, words that may look small are huge in their influence.
They changed my life I know, so I speak in their defence.
Get rid of all the hate, eliminate all despair.
Fill your heart with hope and lots of love to share.

For those were God's own words, sent down by an angel from above.
For He has hope for all mankind, and with all of us He shares His love.

Kay Brewer ~ August 2003

Used with permission


~~ Lasting Love ~~

As I sit upon a lonely shore
And gaze across this quiet bay,
My tender thoughts are all of you.
And there's so much I want to say.
My feelings for you touch my soul,
But, for you it seems a game we play.

My love for you is plain for all to see,
And does not change from day to day.
You have become the center of my world,
And in my heart you will forever stay.
When you tell me that you love me,
Please God, let it be true, I pray.

I need for you to hold me oh so close,
And whisper that it will stay this way.
I need to know without a single doubt
That our love you will never betray.
And together, know our love will last,
With neither of us ever needing to stray.

Kay Brewer ~ 2002

Used with permission


~~ Unspoken Words ~~

Where are the words I want to say.
Words that usually flow so easily each day.
But none of them can convey a thought so true,
A wonderful friendship that has been given to me by you.
One day we were strangers, next it was "puter pal"
And through that stage we just seemed to sail.

Suddenly it seemed, you became my very best friend.
Now, all of my feelings and thoughts to you I must send.
And, I never question this friendship so dear
For I know with a click of my mouse you are here.
Your friendship means the world to me.
And, without you, I wonder where I would be.

Beside me you stood when my life was so sad.
You laughed with me when I felt happy or glad.
You sense my smile when I joke and I tease.
And, I need you to stay in my life forever, please.
I give so little and take so much, I know.
But if you ever called for me I'd surely go.

Then why are the words unspoken that I want to say
To let you know I treasure your friendship every day?

Kay Brewer ~ 2001

Used with permission

~~ Life's Storms ~~

Do you ever feel you're in a lifeboat,
Tossed about by the storms of life?
You hang on tight hoping to stay afloat.
For every day is troubled, full of strife.

Do you have the feeling you're all alone??
Lost in the vastness of a frightening sea,
Your once loving heart seems made of stone.
And from this life you just long to be free.

You search for a harbor to take refuge in.
You reach out in vain for a helping hand.
You wonder if it's possible, this battle to win.
And you really need a soft place to land.

They say no more is given than you can take.
You have the ability deep within yourself to fight,
But, so tired, the effort greater than you can make.
Surely, at the end of this tunnel there will be light.

Well prayer is the answer, this you must learn.
There you will find all the strength that you need .
When troubles are many for God you will yearn
For He will guide you if you will allow Him to lead.

The seas will be calmed, the troubles diminished,
The helping hand that you seek given freely to you.
Those overwhelming feelings of despair are finished.
That God is your only salvation you know to be true.

Kay Brewer ~ 2003

Used with permission

~~ I Sit Alone ~~

I sit alone, wishing you were here
For I miss you so much my dear.
How can I enjoy this beautiful day,
Knowing you are so far away.

The sky is a soft shade of blue
With only a fluffy cloud or two.
But, my heart can not appreciate it,
For it is all alone here that I sit.

If only we could be together,
Storm clouds or sunny weather,
Would make no difference, you see,
If only you were here beside me.

Love is such a wondrous thing,
And much happiness it can bring.
But, with you so far across the sea,
My total happiness just can not be.

Kay Brewer ~ July 2003

Used with permission

~~ Gone From Our Life ~~

Sometimes we go through life every day
Holding back on the words we should say.
To say "I love you" to someone so dear.
We go day by day just knowing they are near.

Then comes a day they are gone from our life.
Then follows day after day of unbearable strife
We never said goodbye with a hug and a kiss,
And we know, forever those arms we will miss.

So, let the lessons of life be clear.
Hug and kiss them while they are still here.
Never part without saying the words "I love you"
For no regrets, that is what you must do.

For life is a gamble, not certain at all.
So cherish each day knowing God may call
And take a loved one where our words they can't hear.
So, today, say to each one "I love you, my dear"

Kay Brewer ~ 26 October 2001

Used with permission


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