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A Mothers Grief - Kay Brewer

She was only a tiny little girl
Who lived just a few short years.
She has gone to live with angels
And left a Mother to shed her tears.

She questions "Why not me" Lord?
Why this little child of mine?
I just don't understand the why,
And wonder if I will in time.

I know each child is a gift on loan.
A precious gift from God above.
Ours to cherish more than anything,
For it is a gift that teaches us love.

For now, every single day
Will start and end with tears.
How long before this sadness,
So overwhelming now, disappears?

Will this mother ever find joy
As she watches another child play?
Will another child's laughter
Help to take the pain away?

She knows this grief is normal
And only time will heal her heart.
When once more she can smile
She knows the healing will start.

She knows that life goes on,
Things she must do every day.
But God is aware of her pain
And He will help to take it away.

For the child is now safe in His arms,
Among other angels in Heaven above.
Her spirit is once more happy and free
Remembering a Mothers true love.

Kay Brewer

Dedicated to all Mothers who have gone through
the heartache and loss of a child.

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