This lonely walk along a rocky shore
Brings me little pleasure anymore;
For I must walk alone my dear
Simply because you are not here.

Through each day that passes slowly by
I feel no joy, but then, I know why.
I can't hear your laugh or see your smiles
For the distance between us is many miles.

When evening comes; sun setting in the west,
My thoughts of you become my only guest.
As the shadows slowlylengthen bit by bit,
It is here, all alone now, that I finally sit.

This is when my thoughts will turn to you.
The longing I feel is overwhelming, it's true.
My arms feel so empty and I need you here;
For you are my love, the one I hold dear.

I know it is not your fault you're so far away;
That you are well and happy is what I pray.
Only with that can I find peace in my heart
For my love does not falter because we're apart.

Kay Brewer

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