How long son, have you been gone,
Five minutes or five years?
I cannot count the passing time,
Just as I cannot count my tears.

Whenever I think I'm all cried-out,
And I've shed my last teardrop,
My eyes well-up with tears again,
I doubt they'll ever stop.

My heart aches for all who loved you,
Mostly for your precious child,
Who's too young now to be aware,
Of how one day she'll miss your smile.

Such loss - such grief - I question God,
I do not understand,
But, if I did, would that bring you back?
Your life, I know, was in His hands.

As God is aware of every hair,
He counted your days on earth,
He planned when you'd return to Him,
At the time He planned your birth.

If you'd done this, or had done that,
Would anything have changed?
The Lord, in all His wisdom,
Had your timing prearranged.

So I pray to God I may accept
The workings of His ways,
That now's not my time to fathom this,
But I know I will someday.

When the dear Lord calls me home,
And puts your hand in mine,
Then, my son, I'll comprehend,
And appreciate God's time.

Patience is what I pray for now,
And trust in God above,
And strength to keep my faith in Him,
And the awareness of His love.

I miss you, son, I always will,
Though I'm glad you're in God's hands,
Then one day I'll be there with you,
And we both will understand.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
October 2002

This memorial to Thomas P. Farris was written by Ginny Ellis
as a tribute for the love Bernadette holds forever in her
heart for her son Thomas, who was killed as a result of
an auto accident 27th February 1998.

At the time of his passing Thomas was just 24 years of age,
his death left a big void in the lives of his Mom,
Dad, Brother, girlfriend Kiera and beautiful
daughter Kori (only 19 months old).

I thank you Ginny so very much for your kindness and generosity
in writing this tribute in memory of Thomas; you have given
Bernadette and her family, especially Kori a very special
gift that they will hold and treasure forever.

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God bless you always Ginny, you truly
are an angel on earth.



Thomas P. Farris ~~12/1/1974 - 2/27/1998

This page was created as a keepsake memorial for Bernadette and Kori.
In memory of Thomas P. Farris a loving son and father.
God's blessings and love to Kori and Bernadette.

Kori (now 6 years old) your Daddy would be ever so poud
of you, you have a lovely smile, so you just keep
on smiling because he smiles with you.

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