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Uppsala, Sweden
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Tuesday, 9 October 2007 07:59 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hey what anice website. Please visit my website about Paul Scott.
Paul William Scott was wrongfully convicted of first degree murder in 1979 and sentenced to death in Palm Beach County, Florida.
The prosecutor in Scott's case manipulated the jury with hidden evidence, deception and lies. The actual murder weapon, a circle of blood, was discovered and noted at the crime scene but hidden by the prosecutor to strengthen his case. Every last member of the original jury has since signed sworn affidavits acknowledging they were duped.
The real murderer, Rick Kondian, confessed to the killing of James Alessi in 1990. He confessed that he killed the victim striking him with an unopened champagne bottle because Alessi attempted to rape him. He has stated that Scott had nothing to do with it. Paul Scott had left the crime scene about 3 ½ hours before the murder took place.
Rick Kondian's parents had $45 000 with which to plea bargain for their son's life. The indigent, borderline retarded Paul Scott was their scapegoat. Please have a look at his website.
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