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Newton, Kansas
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My parents gave me a spirit, a work ethic and a sense of humor. I grew up with the security of their unqualified love. That security should be the birthright of every child. My ex-husband Jerry was the excitement of my life and friend. I loved him so much. His encouragement, support and pride in his often outspoken wife were constants. And our children, Violet, Kim, Karen, Ernie and Michael who taught me patience, tolerance, and thrift.
A peek into my private life is important; because it has given me some firsthand perspectives in dealing with the family disputes I hear every day. I was born in 1959 in Hays, Kansas. My father, Francis, was in the army at the age of 8th grade. He was also a farmer as well as oil fields employee. We resided in Gorham, Kansas. He was killed in the oil fields when I was twenty-three months of age. My mother, Darlene, married my step dad when I was the age of five. We moved to Wilson, Kansas. He was engaged in farming, and my mother supplemented their income with her baking for special occasions. She was remarkable woman who ran my father and stepfather and the rest of the world. I have a sister, two years older than me, who is corporal of the sheriff's department. I have a half sister, Bernadette, who is six years younger than me. She is a secretary for a plumbing company.
I married my first husband when I was nineteen. He was and is a nice guy. My mother did not like him. My second marriage to Jerry was at the age of twenty-one. My mother liked him and I thought I was ready. Our marriage ended twelve years later, when we no longer shared the same dreams and our home was no longer a happy place for our children.
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