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Brisbane, Australia
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Tuesday, 28 November 2006 06:15 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Judy,

So wonderful to receive your mail and hear from you again. I have been concerned as I knew that you had not been well, but the last thing I wanted to do was bother you with mails as I was sure you would have had more than you could handle of those. That didn’t mean I had forgotten about you and in fact I mentioned you in an e-mail with a mutual friend (Ginny Ellis) a few weeks ago asking if she had heard from you.

I do apologise it has taken me nearly a week to come by and visit your pages, but I have had so much happening and it seems a lot more in the next few weeks. On Dec 15th I will be going up around Blackbutt area where your friend lives for a few days.

I hope and pray that you are much better and that you will be able to get back to maintaining your beautiful site again. It is always a pleasure to come by.

Thank you for these pages. “Give Thanks”, “May Your Blessings Overflow”, and “Thanksgiving Memories” are all about a day we don’t have of course, but a timely reminder that we should always give thanks for what we receive. To Claytia Doran, Brenda Conley and Janie Moser, a credit to you. Thank you for your inspirational words.

Claytia’s collection of eight poems is a lovely page and how I wish I could writ like that. Through her generosity and your ability I can still get the chance to read them.

Thank you my friend…..a true blessing to hear from you after so long.

God bless you always.

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